About us

Our Story

Our story begins with love - a love so deep and enduring that we both were compelled to prolong our shared life together.

As a result, we began seeking out ways to optimally promote our health and wellness. Both born in Haiti and raised in the United States, we – Jean Paul and Stephane Blanchet – later met in Florida where we realized that we share a deep respect not only for each other, but also for the natural world.

To embark on this life of vitality and wellness together, we began with daily exercise and increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables.

Establishing this healthy lifestyle was a good start, though we realized that to optimize longevity, this was not enough.


A Better Way

To function at its finest, the human body requires a vast array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, cofactors and enzymes.

It is virtually impossible to consume this diverse banquet every day through normal eating and healthy living.

Traditional multivitamins and supplements can be somewhat beneficial, but it is well known that most of their benefits pass right through the body since they are synthetically derived and thus no longer in their natural forms.

Much of their benefits are therefore rendered inaccessible since our bodies are not designed to break down synthetic substances. In addition to a profusion of synthetic ingredients, most vitamins also contain an excessive amount of sugar.

We could not envision fueling our bodies with these inefficient and even harmful substances. We agreed that there must be a better way.

Our Search

As we commenced with our search for the best vitamins and supplements to promote optimal health, we also asked our friends and family about how they felt about the vitamins and supplements they were currently taking.

Surprisingly, most of them shared our concerns.

Undaunted, we dove into the research. This confirmed what our instincts already told us: that the optimal way to nurture the body is to source nutrition directly and responsibly from the earth itself.

Everything we need to nourish our health comes from the natural world.


Our Light Bulb Idea

Ultimately unable to find a product that met with our expectations, and fueled by the feedback received from our friends and family, we came up with an idea that has since changed the entire course of our lives.

We decided to create our own unique and innovative complete line of vitamins and supplements for ourselves and share it with others who feel the same way.

This is the answer to our personal quest for optimal health, and our meaningful contribution to the world.


Vivre Naturals was Born

Comprised of a full line of organic vitamins and supplements made with real fruits and vegetables, we are pleased to announce that Vivre Naturals makes living your healthiest and most fulfilling life easy and accessible to all.