Benefits Of Vitamins

Benefits Of Vitamins

The Simplest Healthy Habit
The Benefits of Taking Vitamins

Living an optimally healthy lifestyle can be challenging on top of everything else you have to do in your daily life. You know that cultivating healthy habits will help your body in the long run, but it can be hard to fit eating right and exercising into your already busy life. These things are certainly essential and should never be overlooked, but there is one very simple habit that you can easily adopt today that will promote health, vitality, longevity and even enhance your emotional wellbeing. This, of course, is taking a high-quality, plant-based vitamin every day.

You know that vitamins are good for you, but do you know how they can truly affect your life? Here are the top 9 benefits of taking vitamins every day. Vitamins:

  1. Help you cover all of your nutritional bases
    To function at its finest, the human body requires a vast array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. It is virtually impossible to consume this diverse banquet every day through normal eating and healthy living. Those who do eat a perfectly balanced diet complete with a daily rainbow of fresh fruits, vegetables, dark leafy greens, mushrooms, nuts, seeds and healthy proteins and fats most likely receive all of their requisite nutrients every day (unless they have a specific deficiency). For the rest of us who aspire to that level of perfection but rarely, if ever, achieve it, it’s important to make sure we are providing ourselves with a nutritional safety net.

  2. Support your Immune System
    Prevention is better than cure, so being careful to shore up your immune system before you get sick is the best way to remain healthy. It is fairly well-known that vitamin C offers your immune system a boost, but others such as vitamins E and D also help to strengthen your immunity.

  3. Facilitate healthy aging
    We have no power over the passage of time, but we do have a lot of control over how young or old we feel, seem, and act. The healthier and more active we are, the more we can influence how gracefully and healthfully we age. As our bodies get older, they become less efficient at breaking down and absorbing the nutrients required for functioning, and often develop vitamin deficiencies. Making vitamins available to our system on a regular basis supports the body as a whole, ensuring it has everything it needs and preventing it from working too hard on an avoidable issue. This frees up our energy so that we can focus on other pressing needs and aids in slowing down the aging process.

  4. Promote your natural beauty
    Physical beauty starts within the body, and is a function of what you put into it and what you do with it. There is nothing as lovely as a vibrant, vivacious person living his or her healthiest life. If you body doesn’t have enough of the vitamins and minerals it needs for vital functioning, it will take them out of less important parts of you – like your skin, nails, and hair. On the flip side, when you take a full complement of vitamins and minerals every day, you can see your nails become stronger, your hair starts to shine, and your skin has a healthy glow.

  5. Reduce stress and anxiety
    When you are stressed and anxious, your body converts specific vitamins into stress hormones which are released into your bloodstream. If you’re being attacked by a bear, this short-term burst can help you because it powers your fight or flight system. More often, however, bears aren’t the case. Instead, it’s the daily grind of innumerable stressors that are running you down. When this happens, a deficiency of the vitamins used to create the stress hormones can occur, and this deficiency promotes further stress and anxiety, fueling a vicious cycle within you. To end this cycle and promote your own emotional wellbeing, it’s important to replenish your body with the vitamins it needs.

  6. Aid bodily functioning
    Vitamins and minerals are essential to the proper inner workings of all of your body’s systems. Since these systems are inherently connected, if there is a gap somewhere, the unbalance will be reflected in the other systems as well. Providing the full banquet of requisite vitamins helps to keep everything in good working order.

  7. Boost bone strength
    Our bones are the framework of our body, and should not be taken for granted. Most know that calcium is required to form strong bones, and our bones are not static scaffolding but living, changing parts of us that need continued reinforcement. Calcium, however, cannot do its job unless enough vitamin D is present in our system. This is one of the few vitamins that our body is able to synthesize on its own, but due to a lack of sunlight or poor absorption rates, we’re not always able to make enough. So, support your bones by eating fresh produce, getting a healthy amount of sunlight, and taking a high-quality vitamin every day.

  8. Improve eyesight
    These days screens dominate our vision, fatiguing our eyes and causing long-term damage. Just as our bodies weren’t designed to be sedentary, our eyes were not designed to focus on backlit screens right in front of our faces for long stretches, let alone 40-hour work weeks, and are subsequently paying the price. Protect your vision by supporting your eye health with vitamins that the eyes require in the form of fresh produce and high-quality vitamins and supplements.

  9. Support your metabolism
    Your metabolism is the process through which your body breaks down food into nutrients and energy in order to take care of all of your bodily needs. When it is thrown off, your energy and weight can suffer. Certain vitamins help to keep the metabolism working efficiently, so when there is a deficit in the body problems often arise. Support your metabolism by exercising regularly, eating well, and making sure to take your daily vitamins.

So, what is the simplest healthy habit? Taking your daily vitamins! Remember, supplements are not a substitute for fresh, nourishing food, exercise, or other healthy habits, but work in concert with them and help you cover all of your nutritional bases in order to produce your healthiest life. 

Also keep in mind that not all vitamins are created equal. Many of the leading brands of vitamins and supplements use ingredients synthesized in a laboratory instead of harvested from nature, which renders most of their benefits inaccessible to the human body. We at Vivre Naturals decided in the beginning that health is more important than profit, so we rely solely upon the ancient indefinable power of plants instead of synthesizing our ingredients in a laboratory. Why simulate the goodness of the earth when we can harness it directly? Instead, we distill fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plants in their purest states in order to concentrate that natural vitality into a convenient daily dose. 

So – eat your rainbow of fruits and veggies, stay hydrated, limit sugar and processed foods, get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and try not to get overwhelmed with everything you need to do to achieve and maintain optimal health! But when all else fails, at least you know you can accomplish one simple healthy habit each day that packs a powerful healthful punch – taking your vitamins.  


*The statements made herein and the products themselves have not been assessed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Neither this information nor our products are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Our products are meant to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle and are in no way meant to be a substitute for professional health care. As with any new health care regimen, please consult your health care professional to ensure there are no possible complications or potential interactions before using these supplements or any other product. Thank you.

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